I have long been interested and reflected a lot about adolescence, largely because I myself in many ways remember very little from my own. But at the same time, it is also a period in my life that I experienced both trauma when my mother past away and major life change when moving with my family from Sweden to Peru. These events has created very strong memories. 

My teenage years were before the advent of the digital camera and the documentation from this period in my life is very limited. Today, teenagers grow up with endless amounts of pictures on social media and all parts of life are documented. In today's fast-paced society, I find it easy to forget the tender difficulty that defines adolescence: like quietly getting used to the changes of puberty, becoming comfortable in new, adult skin and adapting to a whole new sphere of emotions. During adolescence, there is a huge transformation of the body, from child to adult. Over the years, I have photographed people of all ages. But teenagers represent a kind of insecurity, their emotions are so much more on the surface. There is an openness. Older people already have a kind of fixed personality. In younger people it is more flexible, everything is still potential. Being is not fixed yet, it is an aspect that interests me a lot.