Time is the enemy

" Over there, all remains suspended. 

I look at you through the crack, sharp and dangerous as a knife. 

No pain, no pleasure, 

I'm numb, I look at the crack and you behind. 

A ray of light splits my face in tow parts now fighting. 

The body floats upon the gentle waves. 

It's an early summer day under the burning sun. 

You are carried away from the aimless sea. 

Waves reflect the sun and your eyes burdened by it. 

Seeing is an ordeal, your eyes push for their cause. 

All remains suspended. 

It escapes out of the womb of the world and moves like running water 

It's a marvel again each time, 

Feelings that hug the heart but pierce the mind and blind the eye. 

You move like running water, my helpless hands can seize no more. 

The river dam is vain, voiceless, I blush and watch the water throwing back your vanishing reflection. 

I wanted all of it and all of it is gone. 

All remains suspended and Time is the enemy. 

Now hear the gentle waves chanting the harmony of your pace. 

The body softens, as with the time on the freezing canal when the sun warmed the running pace.The wrinkles on the 

forehead went deeper but a touch of the hand melted all the cold. 

Nothing we could do. 

The night will come, I again thought of you. 

The stone is in the same place. 

But the night will come, I again looked at you. 

The knitting woman smiles and keeps asking how do you do. 

The market people shout their abundance. 

Girl with the black hair, I wanted all and all is gone. 

Roads cross, they are the whims of destinies. 

But no regret. 

I laugh at time, master of fate, sentence justifying the coward. 

I keep the sword firm in my hand. 

You stare at the horizon like it belongs to you not. 

It smiles at you but knows you will not see. 

She moves no more, a grain of sand. 

But swallowed by the crowded beaches. 

She kills but garners nothing after. 

And the earth, invisible to the greedy eyes, reigns in silence on a land where no one is a lover.