HESTIA is the final chapter of my project entitled: "Theatrical Scenario: Yogyakarta - Jakarta, Java Indonesia, IN BETWEEN (2012-2017)".

Photographic Language is a SKIN:

I Denounce the violence of the Borders.

I Denounce psychological and physical abuse.

I Denounce racism and fascism.

Photographic Language is a SKIN;

"Language is a SKIN: I rub my language against the other. It is as if I had words instead of fingers, or fingers at the tip of my words. My language trembles with Desire" (Roland Barthes)

Unbearable the Ethics of my Origins...They scream throughout the socioerotic nest of the most beautiful performative antagonism between the desire of Sheer Presence and the pleasure of Utmost Disappearance. In pursuit of Catharsis, I struggle to accept, forgive and free myself through my never ending return to HOME; to my beloved ones. This photographic study is my agonistic choice to protest and save myself through Visual Poetry, through the re-experience of familiar faces/places, through portraits of Hestia. In Ancient Greek Mythology Hestia was the virgin Goddess of the "hearth - fireside", domesticity, family and the State. She was the uterus of every birth that exists in the etheric region. The Uterus Idea. Immigration and contemporary metaphors? In the conscience of the psychogeographical organism I come from, Greece, the dialectics of Aesthetics and Politics / Human and Social Anatomy and its integral notions of Nature, Freedom, Hospitality, Sexuality and Fertility bloom in the widely domestic everyday life rite of female grooming.

Welcome to the synaesthetic Safety of each and every return to Hestia, the most beautiful spatiotemporal Anthropomorphism who patiently hemorrhages and transfuses life to the ever-present cost of my Immigrant Desire, Demand, Order, Rejection and Survival! Welcome to the valley of the perpetual postmenopausal euphoria! Residential Portraits of Beauty witness the European subsidized process of fertilization, pregnancy, death, gratitude and libidinal Apokathilosis. Pretty hurts! Immigrant portraits of sonorant reticence, false modesty and hormone imbalance glorify the Season of Flash, coloring, epilation, X-ray and laser! Welcome to each and every return to Hestia, the fertile private nest of re-idealization of the Portrait of the Feminine. Welcome to the fragrant poesy of Trust, Commitment and Everyday Life RESISTANCE!