"The world is an oyster locked in a shell.
You like the taste of it but can't take the smell."


I have been there. I was there.

I spent years trying to understand, trying to make sense and give meaning to all that has happened to me.
I looked for a culprit, but there's never one.
I looked for someone I could direct my anger at, someone I could blame.
But these are all ghosts.
What's the point then?
To ransack, dig, relive, understand, reconsider, forgive and let go.
A healing process, a redemption.

What matters most is, was there love?
Even for a fleeting moment.

So everything is justified.

Then it all makes sense, the torment, the need of being loved while loving life in all its contradictions, the terrifying tragedies, the enlightening moments, all that matters is how much you loved in the most difficult times.

In that moment when you were so scared you couldn't breathe.

- Marco Marzocchi -