4:03 in the afternoon
sidewalks, in this city
people, alone, drifting towards
home, nowhere
colourful signs, tempting emptiness
a rush, temporary escape, 4:04
a look, pretending not to see
shadows in a mothers face
poverty in a rich mans eyes, turning away
a tired body, lost, far from home, 4:05
anxiety behind layered masks, time, waiting
a gesture, a touch, suddenly
a moment
a poem, almost, 4:06


The "Sidewalk" project stems from a fascination with the street as a stage where small dramas continuously unfold, a spectacle where commercial interests mix with individuals caught up in the flow of urban life. Individuals closed in on themselves surrounded by other people. Non-communication, alienation, aggressiveness, but also small gestures, looks, and smiles. Vulnerability in individual faces. The wealthy and the beggars, business people and drug addicts, families and drunks, all together on these sidewalks. Exploring and documenting this urban theatre stage where comedies and tragedies unfold in parallel every day that is my project.