I've chosen these images from the body of work resulting from my
participation in Atelier Smedsby 2012-13.
At the outset of the workshop I had a loosely formulated idea to depict myimmediate surroundings, specifically focusing on abstraction, beauty and fear as key-words to keep in my mind, to help me focus my imagery within a framework. But in the course of the year I've found that I've often been surprised by the images that I came home with, surprised in the sense that I didn't reallynknow why I'd taken them and didn't even immediately understand them. At the best of times intuition and my subconscious have been an active part in guiding my lens towards new territory.
In retrospect, I can see that these images reflect my thoughts about life and death, my personal history, family life, and sadness about broken family. But they're also about love and about keeping our spirits tuned and open to enigma and new beginnings, to spot the cracks and heaventrees of everyday life.