International web-based workshop

The Atelier Smedsby workshop is a one-year distance learning class incorporating three individual/group meetings in Paris. In between meetings in Paris, the participants will report monthly on the progress of their works via Skype.

During these monthly reports, they will be able to ask questions, demonstrate the evolution of their work, receive evaluation and feedback and thus move forward in the accomplishment of their personal projects. These monthly reports are the base of the workshop and we expect them to be well prepared by the participants. Of course the participants will have the possibility to communicate with Atelier Smedsby also between these monthly reports as well.

Work's participants


  • Identify each participant's visual language and define their photographic approach..
  • Encourage participants to realize both personal and assigned projects.
  • Help to develop, realize, and finalize each participant's project.
  • Learn to critique the work of others, and one's own, at both theoretical and practical levels.

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